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The dealer deals clockwise 3 cards face down to each player, and it turns out the other 3. The remainder of the deck keeps him from cover. The player to the left of the dealer starts the game. To win you need to have in hand an absolute value equal to the sum of the three cards on the table. Depending on the value of the cards in his possession, the player may decide to change one. The winner is whoever produces "Bead" (score reached with precise three cards of the same value as those discovered). Followed by those who create "Point" (score reached with precise three cards of different values ??from those discoveries), and in the end who realizes "Step Up" or "Point Under" (a value that differs from the exact score of more or less a point).

Once the cards shuffled and fanned by the player to his left are divided into equal piles, as many as there are players. Each player holds the right bundle, as well as received and without looking at the content. The only trump cards are the ace, two, and three of any suit. The first player turns over the top card of their pile. In turn, the other players do the same, so as to form a common pile in the center of the table. When a player turns over one of the three winning cards the next player is required to show the same amount of cards (1 for ace, 2 to 2:03 for the three). If during these played out another trump card, the obligation stops and touches the next player to play the same amount of cards.

If it does not come out a trump card, a bunch of cards is won by the player who played the last trump card. This shall put the cards under their own and start a new game. The aim of the game is to take all possible cards until the sole owner. The score is simply the count of games won. The dealer deals 13 cards to each player. The rest of the bunch (called "well") puts you at the center and it turns out the first card. Each player in turn must draw a card from the well, possibly dropping one or more combinations (pairs, three of a kind, Quatris and stairs) and then discard a card. Each player can form new combinations or stick to the combinations already dropped, or its partners, to get rid of the cards.

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