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What would a casino without what is considered by all as the queen of the mess? Probably would not be the same thing, which is why at Casino could not miss the excellent versions of online roulette, a game that has always been a great success. From that of Europe, to the American version via the live casino that will allow you to play with one of our live dealers, the queen of casino has always had a large following even when it has reached the homes of the Italians.

So let's take the first steps together in this beautiful game that you can find on our platform in five different versions to be discovered. And let's start right from games in flash mode that will put you in a position to do a little 'practice before committing real money.

So, before you start playing with real money, although the rules of roulette online is not difficult at all, the advice I give is to do a little 'practice in flash mode where you will have the opportunity to use the fake money. And then you have to do is go in the special section of our online casino games and instead of clicking on the "Play Now", you have to press on the one where it says, "Do Practice". Keep in mind, also, that the types of games that we provide are five in all, and each of them can be proven mode for fun.

That said, however, that you do not have plenty of choice and each type will satisfy the tastes of even the most difficult players. In fact, the game environment that we propose with the queen casino is very inviting, thanks to a graphic and accurate, thanks to a sound that faithfully reproduces the real casino environment and most of all thanks to the ease with which you can move the first steps even if you are trying the first approach to the game in flash mode.

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