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For some months now the competition between casino online has caused an increase in promotions available for bettors, both from a qualitative point of view, both for the variety of the range of offerings. In fact, the period in which there were dealers who did not offer even the welcome bonus is definitely the past, given that all online casinos offer at least one form of additional credit proportional to the amount deposited. The famous 100% up to € tot is now a standard item, do not suggest it would be a symptom of a lack of liquidity and therefore possibly acting as a casino.

In recent months, we said, the competition has increased quantity and variety of promotions. Those who make the most noise and like most of the general public are the no deposit bonus, or alternatively the free spins. The no deposit bonus consists of a sum of money that the online casino game credits on behalf of a client in the face of one membership. The customer signs up and receives the bonus money in their account with whom he can play and win real money. Once you sign up, you will not do anything but wait 24-48 hours for the staff verifies the age of the applicant.

The rules in fact firmly prohibit the game from the minors. Another form of promotion is very interesting that the free spins, no deposit ever required, which are offered to all customers who subscribe to a particular casino. This is a promotion not yet inflated, that only a few casinos make available to new users. Now among the players, there is an interesting debate in which one asks whether it is better a no deposit bonus or a number of free spins. The answer is simple: it depends on the amount of the bonus and the number of free spins. Remember that you can take advantage of both promotions in case you want to subscribe to two different casinos, which is perfectly possible and legal. E 'instead of can not open two accounts on the same online casino.

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