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Although there are special organs that deal almost exclusively to ensure the legality and regularity of the online casino gaming software, some users still do not trust completely wary of so-called random number generators, programs behind the alternation of the cards, rounds of roulette , slot machines, and so on of the online casino games.

But the days of uncertainty for these players are over: thanks to the services of the game with live dealers, or live dealer, you can play in front of a dealer in flesh and blood, just like those who work in traditional casinos, while sitting on the sofa of your own home.

You can play roulette, baccarat, blackjack and many other casino games just like the traditional casino, talking and interacting with someone on the other side of the screen in the language you want. There are already several sites that offer games with live dealers entirely in Italian.

Have you ever won at a slot than once, with the old coins jangling? If you won a figure of between € 20-30 up, you'll know how good it can be noisy, uncomfortable and unhygienic having to lug sacks full of coins, heavy and dirty. But now it is just a bad memory of the past.

The modern slot machines have a simple and efficient system that works with the ticket, printed by the slot itself, indicating the amount of your winnings. To be presented at checkout easily and effortlessly.

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