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If it were that easy to win at roulette in the casino for free , simply by doubling your bets after losses, this principle could be applied to almost all the best online casino games , and the casinos would operate at a loss. This is because the progression of the bets is the factor on which is based the majority of systems. But no matter how you structure or shows a progression betting strategy, sooner or later the money will eventually end.

As explained in the page of systems theory, the only way to beat the roulette and win consistently is to increase the accuracy of predictions - there is simply no other way. Outside bets include, but are not limited to, dozens, colors, odd / even - basically any bet that is not located on a single number. These bets are physically and mathematically doomed to fail in the long run. The roulette wheel and table are designed specifically to ensure this.

You can only ever win consistently providing for specific areas, which are numbers in some areas of the wheel, even though the outside bets are deliberately sparse representations of the wheel. The only types of bets that "may" win are those on individual numbers, or a combination of them. Although the outside bets may appear simple and attractive, we can ensure that long-term losers. How to win at roulette is explained on our website, and we also have different systems to try to free bet.

Einstein said that you can not beat the roulette table. In particular, said table, does not rotate - and he was right. Beat the wheel itself is a very different story. Most players never really attentive to the movements of the wheel, but that is just the tool that determines the winning number. Many systems are based on the roulette table, which has an incredibly marginal role. If you rely bets on the layout of the numbers on the table, you will definitely lose. You have to know that the fact table has been designed to ensure the profit of the casino.

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