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American Roulette the draft of the Casino Queen. Apparently identical but with a box that contains more than the double zero (00). A small difference that increases the chances of winning the Tour, and automatically decreases those of the players. For this reason, the French roulette is always the preferred version. Brief History of American Roulette European Roulette American, when it was introduced in the casinos of Europe, was willingly accepted by all players for a trivial reason. Each participant plays with chips of different colors.

This peculiarity makes it more transparent payments, it does not create confusion, much less bickering, cheating or annoying discussions to decide who gets the win. Yet today, in the old casinos, there is someone who opts for this version of roulette own not to play with doubt. Of course, all this can not exist in the virtual version. In the online casino gambling is directed by the dealer that recognizes the episodes of every single player and there is no risk of controversy.

Differences stoned all 36 squares alternate colors are red and black from 1 to 36 plus two green boxes, opposite to one another, which break the uniformity of the wheel and contain the zero and double zero. So a total of 38 numbers instead of 37, a double zero too, which translates into an advantage of 2.70% of the player on the bench compared to simple combinations of 5.40% on all the others. The Roulette combinations are the same as the French version is the same as playing the games.

However, the numbers on the wheel are arranged a non-random order which prevents to perform the special episodes such as the neighbors of zero, the series 5-8 and the orphans. So, not only the double zero, but also the different arrangement of numbers on the wheel. Become two small differences that generate large disadvantage for the player of the American roulette. American Roulette Online is available both in download or flash version in all legal online casino has the same payments traditional roulette table and is only available in the player vs. dealer.

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