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Texas Holdem Poker

The Texas Hold'em, is now the best-known variant of poker games and appreciated practically all over the planet, but this is just one of the specialties of poker that you can find on Poker, the poker room that offers many opportunities to have fun with the exciting virtual green tables, ranging from stud poker and draw poker, in most variants techniques such as Holdem NL, the PL Holdem, Limit Holdem and Omaha the PL, both in tournaments on the tables of poker cash .

The origins of poker, a term which identifies a family of card games with many specialties and variants, are not entirely certain, and probably will attach to the Persian sailors who practiced among them, and then taught to the French settlers of New Orleans. If you try it a true testimony of poker, the first is located in New Orleans, cities of the United States of 'America, where in 1829 the British actor Joseph Crowel I played together with 4 other people, with a bunch consists of 20 cards, and was based on betting among the players themselves and the likely holder of the winning combination.

From those days to today, poker has evolved in different ways and has increased its notoriety especially in the case of Texas Hold'em, which thanks to the birth of the World Series Of Poker (WSOP also called, are one of the events of poker's most prestigious sporting world, which since 1970 has been taking place in Las Vegas), has attracted an increasing number of people, in this variant.

However, they see their WSOP main event in No Limit Texas Hold'em tournament, have also helped to introduce among the people of poker variants such as Omaha Hi and Omaha Hi Lo, different poker games from Texas Hold 'em, but with some similar characteristics.

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