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Dice games are one of the oldest known. In Asia known since prehistory, in the current Iran were found given 5,000 years. Originally the astragalus (ankle bone) of the Lambs, games that are preserved today in many parts of the world and that are denominated in Spain were used jacks. Being so old games, it's no wonder they are so intimately associated with mythology and religion.

In many shamanic practices throwing dice / jacks to communicate with the gods or anticipate the future. The Germanic gods ordered the world playing dice. For Hindus, the world is a dice game between the god Shiva and his wife.

Dice games are games of chance. No special skill or strategy can be developed to be more likely to win. You can try some of the simplest games that appear in the Book of Games of Alfonso X the Wise: As Par: who wins takes two dice with the same number and the third with an ace.

Riffa: each player rolls two dice until you exit in both the same number. Then he launches third die. Removed all add up and earn points who has achieved greater value. Thumbnail illustrative dice games, Book of Acedrex, dice and tables, Alfonso X the Wise.

These games are usually associated with gambling. No wonder, therefore, that throughout history there appear stories of people who lost their freedom to gambling dice games. Or that games are harmful and damaging deemed given . Some interesting examples are the thumbnails of the Book of Games (Alfonso X, s. XIII), where are the other players and nearly naked fighting. Also the stories Bulero

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